I'm Glenda Houston, owner of Purposed Professional Services. I'm on a mission to build a community of wealthy and thriving single moms who know their business purpose and who are creating wealth and a memorable legacy for themselves and their families. And it starts with you and me.

Before we get going, let me tell you that our Singleness IS our SUPERPOWER not a hindrance and I'm here to show you how to fuel it! Merriam Webster said single is consisting of a unique whole and I choose to believe that! (wink)

So here at Purposed Professional Services, we are dedicated to helping you launch their businesses right the first time, saving you Time, Money, and Your Sanity. Yes... even with little elbows pressed into your thigh and wet little kisses all over your tummy while you type away on the computer.

We help you launch the business of your dreams by honoring your decision to take this leap when life circumstances might be saying no.

We partner with you and take the journey together to YES. We help you discover and explore your business idea(s) through an actionable business brainstorming strategies and personal development (aka mindset) work.

And we love that you are doing this in front of your little humans, our future leaders.

So check out our offers and services. Connect with us. We love that you are here!

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