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Meet Glenda.

Your Business Coach. The person who is ready to partner with you on your business journey and think through those business ideas. I work alongside you as you answer some fundamental business questions that will let you know if your business idea is a go or not. I coach you through the mind trash that will come up and try to block you from succeeding. And at the end of the day, you are a mom first and while I know you want to have quiet time to just "do you", the reality is that you might have to take 5 minutes to settle the kids, give your little one a few books, or break up a random tussle. Yes, I'm your Business Coach.

Session Details. You get three 60-minute exclusive Business Coaching Sessions plus a 40-minute recap session.

What You Want is What You Get.

Simply put, you want to STOP building someone else’s empire at the expense of your soul and sanity, and START creating your DREAM BUSINESS. You want to take back Your Life and live it on your terms! (loud cheers) But there is one problem. You are scared. Well, maybe two. Scared plus bills to pay. Lots of bills.

Storytime. When I was in my twenties, I remember being at a work conference and telling one of the presenters that I would one day have my own business. He worked at the small business that pitched a data system to the big pharmaceutical company where I worked. They landed the job, and now they were training us on how to use their tools. So, I felt like the person would understand my goals and desires, but I felt instantly embarrassed after saying it out loud. I still remember the guy looking at me with a look in his eyes that told me he didn’t believe me. Or maybe that was my perception because I didn’t believe myself back then. Fast forward almost twenty years, two kids later, many more bills, enough fear to fill an ocean, but even more determination to fill the universe. The Business is what I wanted despite everything. Almost twenty years later, the Business is what I have. I believe you can have what you want also.

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So How Can I Help You Start Your Dream Business?

I will coach you through your doubt, fears, unbelief, and other self-limitations and help you transition into launching the business of your dreams by focusing on the following key areas.


Your mind is a gateway to executing our dreams. We strengthen it and also explore critical aspects of personal life to ground you and help you succeed in your business execution.

Your Business Idea.

Your business idea(s), coupled with where you are in your life and where you want to go, are drivers for making purpose-filled and wealth-generating business decisions. We discuss your business idea to determine whether your choice(s) is beneficial and fulfilling to you and your long term business goals.

Business Planning Basics.

What is a business idea without the accompanying business plan? It is just an idea. Before you commit time, money, and resources to complete a full business plan, we help you test drive your idea via a series of questions that capture the essence of your customer base, financials, and legal considerations.

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So What Makes These Business Coaching Sessions Mom Friendly?

Timing flexibilities. Time is of the essence. Raising the kiddies and nurturing them and trying to manage that overwhelming "To Do" list may change your availability for business planning. We love working with you to provide scheduling flexibilities that allow you to have extended time between each 60-minute session. That said, we are also committed to helping you stay accountable to your business goals and experience the fruits of this labor. As such, we provide a “flexibility window.” When we meet and greet, and you share your unique needs we will set the flexibility window accordingly.

Easy Do It Yourself Materials. Yes to materials that you can work on in your own time! And don't worry. There is a recap session plus access to a mom-friendly Facebook Group where we freely discuss business, babies, boundaries, and our bold goals.

A Business Coach who's been there done that. Yes. I'm a single mom veteran (17 plus years). I won't be single forever, but I will forever have 17 plus years of experience in the single mom lifestyle. I know the good things about it (like making your own decisions), the hard things, the judgemental and hurtful stigmas about us, AND the Joy of Showing Up and STARTING THE BUSINESS in spite of it all!

So let's connect and get this thing rocking and rolling!

Other Business Brainstorming Session Details. You get three 60-minute exclusive Business Coaching Sessions plus a 40-minute recap session.

It's time to book your Discovery Call!
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