A Little About Me 

I'm so excited you stopped by! I'm Glenda, CEO of Purposed Professional Services. I hail from Alexandria, Virginia, an area popularly known as the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). When I moved here in 2010, I quickly learned why. Sometimes it is quicker to get to places from one DMV state to the next than it is to get from one place to another within the same state! 

Through Purposed Professional Services, I am dedicated to helping single moms and women launch their businesses right the first time saving them time, money, and sanity while still showing up in excellence in motherhood. My long term vision is to have a community of wealthy and thriving single moms and women who know their business purpose and who are creating wealth and memorable legacy for themselves and their families because of their bold forward-thinking business endeavors.

The heart of this company is to provide a safe space for single moms to build their businesses, discuss their unique challenges, and find solutions. Yes, I will empathize because I understand the nuances of the single mom life, but I will also challenge you to stay fierce and move beyond the obstacles and into your business aspirations.  

I had always wanted to start a business and finally launched Purposed Professional Services in 2019. Before starting my business, I had a very fulfilling and diverse career in both the private and government sectors. Early on during my college days and before obtaining my Bachelor’ of Arts Degree (BA) in Communications/Public Relations/Journalism, I was working in financial service positions. My life consisted of school during the day and working at banks at night. After obtaining my BA degree, my career expanded to contract & budget negotiations for clinical studies and packaging & distribution of investigative drugs. Both roles were in pharmaceuticals. I eventually transitioned into government and had many unique opportunities to include career paths in finance/budgeting, manpower, business process improvement, key performance indicators (fancy wording for metrics), survey management, and my absolute favorites, career development, and leading a mentoring program. 

In the midst of my finishing college and working, I had my daughter. She is currently a teenager! I was a single mom supporting both her and me while working in my career. Fast forward to now, I also have a toddler son. As a single mom, I experienced first-hand the successes and challenges we face, but after more than sixteen years of single motherhood, I’ve also learned how to be resilient and still pursue my dreams. It is my desire to share this with others who are destined for motherhood and business. 

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A Few Fun Facts About Me!  

I LOVE ice cream, however, not just any ice cream. I guess I’m a Boujee ice cream lover because it must be extra good and gourmet.  

I have 23 brothers and sisters, and if you count me in, there are 24 of us! (Wink: we can chat about this over coffee, or you can find out more in the Podcast coming in January 2021.)  

I learned how to swim in 2019 at 43 years old! Anything is possible, and now you know my age. 😊  

I recorded business dreams and goals for about 20 years before actually pursuing them!  

I was a freelance resume and cover letter writer. That was going to be my first business until I realized I was good at it, but not what I really wanted to do for the long term. It took me almost two years to get ok with that realization. Hey, it’s ok to pivot folks!

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